450,00  προ Φ.Π.Α.


An autonomous apex locator, fully automatic. No calibration is necessary. It operates in all conditions ( hypochlorite < 2.5%, sodium chloride, water, saliva, blood..).

To make it more confortable, it has a large display featuring color leds indicating the file progression in the canal, towards the apex. An error signal comes on in case of wrong measurement.
It has a battery level indicator and an automatic stop if the unit is left unemployed during 5 minutes. All accessories ( 2 cords, 1 grip file, 2 lip electrodes, 1 touch file ) are autoclavable at 134°C.


Advantage of the unit : Its ergonomy – Very easy to handle – a battery autonomy of around six months with two AA (LR06) type battery – 15 years of experience in apex location – the price.