ENDY 6200


Micromotor με ενσωματωμένο εντοπιστή ακροριζίου, γωνιακή χειρολαβή, 12 μνήμες.

Endy 6200  is a new micro motor with a built-in apex locator intended for the root canal preparation with nickel titanium files.

The contra angle support is located on the unit itself.
The ENDY 6200 has:

12 memories. Each memory corresponds to a predefined torque and speed. The apical stop buffer default setting is 0.5. The « V or Λ » keys are used to change the memory. You can change the torque, the speed and the apical stop buffer of each memory. The speed and torque values may be changed.

Fast loader : 2 hours maximum.

1 – During charging two lights light up (one green and one orange). 

2 – At the end of the charge the orange light goes off and the green light shows that charging is finished.

3 – If the battery is faulty a red light lights up instead of the two green and orange lights. Disconnect your charger, and then reconnect it. A new charging cycle starts. If the red light lights again, replace the battery pack.

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